What's inside Part Three of Developing Digital Short Films?

Chapter Nine: Digitally Enhanced Storytelling Techniques
• 17 Advantages of using DV to tell stories
• 6 Ways to combine layers in digital filmmaking
• 24 Digitally enhanced camera shot ideas
• 7 Digitally enhanced transitional shots
• 5 Digitally enhanced camera lens effects
• 11 Digitally enhanced character design ideas
• How to remove a bluescreen background
• 200 Narrative bluescreen ideas
• 10 Bluescreen shooting tips
• Simple ways to create shadows for bluescreen characters
• How to rotoscope characters or subjects out of existing footage
• 3 Digitally enhanced character design techniques
• 22 Ideas for talking inanimate objects
• Tips on creating virtual sets
• 12 Digitally enhanced set design ideas
• How to build a photo-collage set
• 21 Ideas for using motion graphics to tell stories
• Creating simple narrative digital special effects
• How to make something disappear
• How to make something explode
• 26 Narrative ideas for using particle effects
• 32 Time distortion ideas
• Tips on using displacement maps to add faces to objects
• Creating simple film looks without expensive plug-ins
• 7 Ways to use color manipulation for developing narrative ideas

Chapter Ten: Using Modern 2D Animation to Expand Our Realities
• 6 Advantages of using modern 2D animation to tell stories
• 12 Principles of animation as they relate to modern 2D software
• 13 Squash and stretch ideas
• 12 Ways to use anticipation in your 2D animations
• 4 Ways to use secondary action in your stories
• 9 Ways to use exaggeration in your 2D animations
• 36 Ways to use follow through and overlapping actions
• 6 Ways to tell stories using modern 2D animation
• Simple 2D digital animation techniques
• 6 Ways to design 2D characters that are easier to animate
• 3 Ways to do a simple modern 2D animated walk cycle
• 4 Ideas on making lip synch less time consuming
• 18 Lip synch drawings to show facial expressions for different letters
• 12 Drawings showing different facial emotions

Chapter Eleven: Using 3D Animation to Show Anything You Can Imagine
• 26 Narrative uses for 3D animation
• 12 3D character design categories
• 15 3D set design categories
• 140 Different types of 3D body parts to mix and match
• 26 Visual ways to design characters based on the alphabet
• How to use familiar visual motifs to create original 3D worlds
• 68 Possible visual motifs for your 3D stories
• Take the Barbara Walters 3D character interview test
• How to design original 3D sets

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