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The step-by-step process from the book "Developing Digital Short Films" or the new DVD workshop "Writing A Great Script Fast" is recommended for developing your funding pitch. MyFlik "Your Online Movie Studio"™ will be officially launched soon. Get a jump start on the crowd and start developing your script now!

Tips On Shooting Bluescreen Characters:

Turn your DV camera sideways to get maximum resolution when shooting standing characters on a bluescreen. A fan was placed next to Irena, to make her look more a part of the final 3D desert set, which is full of blowing red flags. Notice the way the bluescreen actor is framed to fit completely in the shot. If you cut off any area of the body, you will be more limited in how you can use the character as a separate layer against virtual sets. Aim to light your bluescreen so there are no hot spots or shadows, just an even flat blue color that will be easy to key out and select in post.

Get the new DVD Workshop and create a great script for a microbudget digital film fast!



  • New Online Step-By-Step Screenwriting & Preproduction Process to guide you through the steps of creating a great script or story and how to turn that idea into a successful film.
  • New Online Step-By-Step Digital Production Classes taught by a variety of experts.
  • Digital Movie Making Tips on how to create independent digital films with tiny micro budgets.
  • Expanded Brainstorming Lists of information from the book Developing Digital Short Films.
  • Step-by-step Software Tutorials in Premiere, Maya, After Effects, Photoshop, Flash, Final Cut and many others with project files to download.
  • MyFlik Online Film Festival & TV Channel reserved for filmmakers who have used the online process to create films and are looking for feedback, exposure, funding and/or distribution.
  • Script Analysis of digitally enhanced short and feature films deconstructed using the storytelling techniques presented in the DDSF book.
  • Original DV/Computer Animated Movies &
    TV Shows
    created by MyFlik members for film festivals, distribution, series funding, broadcast deals and DVD publishing.
  • Online Animatics for works in progress looking for feedback or funding.
  • Interviews With Experts in the field of computer animation and digital filmmaking.
  • Networking Center to help digital filmmakers find each other to work together on projects, get feedback, support or advice.
  • Micro Budget Funding Options For Digital Filmmakers MyFlik is creating a system to fund 1000's of digital filmmaking projects made by people like you.
  • Follow Along With The Creation Of The Book's Example Story "The Bigfoot Shamans". Watch as Sherri & Nate develop this story week by week into a final animatic and short film on this member site. All project files will be posted with step-by-step tutorials in Maya, After Effects and other software.
  • Learn How To Fix Problem Stories with detailed critiques and suggestions on ways to make different scripts, storyboards and animatics into deeper and more emotionally engaging films. Members will be able to submit their films in progress for in depth feedback.
  • Online Digital Film Studio to help digital filmmakers come up with great ideas, develop scripts, network, put together teams, create their films, get work on other projects, fund films, market and distribute.
  • And much more to help you make your film... coming soon to MyFlik.com!

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