Developing Digital Short Films

This innovative new book takes the reader through a unique step-by-step preproduction process, using lists of brainstorming ideas and 1000's of possible visual storytelling techniques. A must have resource for the next generation of digital micro-budget filmmakers. Developing Digital Short Films is now being used as a textbook at film and animation schools all over the world! Too busy to read the book? Get the "Writing A Great Script Fast" workshop DVDs.

"This is a step-by-step guide to craft an award winning film without going bankrupt. Full of insider knowledge, this offering is a must for aspiring directors. A real one of a kind book that should fill the gap and empower you in the process. And you too will be able to shout from the top of your lungs: "Action!"

- The [Digital][Dispatch] Mag

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Learn how to tell a great visual story for any kind of film using metaphors, symbols, pictures, colors, actions, gestures, camera shots and sounds.
  • 100's of ideas on how to make a film with a micro budget.
  • Over 200 lists of possible storytelling techniques to help keep your creative juices flowing at each step of the preproduction process.
  • Lots of information on how to use digital tools to tell stories in new ways covering DV, modern 2D and 3D animation.
  • How to do easy special effects shots that will turn your desktop computer into a multimillion dollar film studio.
  • Follow along with the step-by-step preproduction project exercises in the book to create your own films.
"One book isn't enough to make the next Steven Spielberg, but this one is a fine start."

- Andrew Allentuck, Globe Technology


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