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Step 14: Conflict & Obstacles

Choose 1-3 conflicts or obstacles your characters face at each of the 9 basic plot points:

4 Basic Types Of Conflict:

1) Inner - different beliefs, desires, voices in the head or goals that are in opposition. What types of inner conflict can you give your main characters? Character flaws coming to the surface, pride, fears or jealousy.

2) Personal - How well do your main characters deal with other people? Show character in conflict with relationships, family, friends or pets. Any ideas?

3) Social - Conflicts with school, work, church, law, politics, businesses, justice or organizations. What kind of social conflicts could your main character encounter while trying to accomplish their plot goals?

4) Environmental
- Conflicts with urban city environments (gangs, cars, crowds) nature, diseases, disasters, mystical forces, wars, jungle, security devices or difficult to get through locations
5) Combinations of the above.

Add 1-3 conflicts or obstacles to each of your 9 Basic Plot Points:

1) Hook:

2) Setup:

3) Inciting incident:

4) Journey Into Unknown:

5) Investigation:

6) Twist:

10) Final confrontation.

11) Climax.

12) Resolution.



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