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Step 15: Adding Plot Twists

Think of one big twist that happens in the middle of your story to shift the plot goals and any little twists you can add to each scene.

Mark the twists that you want to use in your story on the list below. Add the plot point and brief description of what happens during each twist:

One Big Twist that shifts plot goals:

Plot Point Twists:

Twist Brainstorming Ideas:

1. Accident kills someone.
2. Lies multiply fast.
3. Code is finally broken
4. Being attacked from several directions at once.
5. Choice between obtaining goal and love.
6. Backup never shows up.
7. Character has sudden epiphany and changes behavior
8. Shocking truth revealed.
9. Secrets revealed or hidden.
10. Character loses the ability to move, see or walk
11. Incorrect information revealed
12. Misunderstanding revealed
13. Character switches loyalty.
14. Lots of little goals need to be done first.
15. Unforeseen trap.
16. Characters react in strange ways.
17. Dead guy comes back to life.
18. Unforeseen love triangle exposed.
19. Clues destroyed.
20. Key witness killed or disappears.
21. Innocent people get in the way
22. Communication system goes haywire.
23. Plans are stolen by the enemy.
24. Character gets caught.
25. Cover is blown
26. Traitor revealed
27. Unexpected suspicious opportunity
28. Key equipment breaks down.
29. Worse situation gets even worse during escape route.
30. Progress towards goal is an illusion.
31. New information is revealed that changes current situation completely.
32. Sudden change of plans.
33. Natural obstacles or unforeseen disasters.
34. Unexpected event occurs.
35. No more food, money, air, bullets or gas.
36. Shot from unknown place.
37. Ticking clock time deadline pressure such as bomb about to explode.
38. Hidden fear or weakness revealed.
39. Past comes back to bite character.
40. Weapon now broken or out of use.

How many different types of twists can you add to each of your plot points?




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