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Step 13: Plot Points

Write 1-3 sentences for what happens at each of the 9 basic plot points for your story idea:

1) Hook: Start in the middle of a high intensity mess. How could you show your main characters doing what they do best or have them make an exciting visual entrance into your film world? What twists, shocks or surprises could you add to your opening hook (twist ideas: accident kills someone, a shocking truth revealed, key equipment or transportation breaks down, sudden change of plans announced)?

2) Setup: How will you introduce us to your characters, film world, and story? How will you show your character in his or her normal life? The audience needs a chance to get to know your main characters, along with the limits and possibilities of the film world.

3) Inciting incident. What event happens that forces your character to act by choosing a goal and committing to making it happen?

4) Journey Into Unknown: Protagonist sets off to accomplish plot goal leaving what is familiar behind.

5) Investigation: Protagonist searches for goal object or informationencountering lots of Obstacles/conflicts. What are some obstacles or conflicts your characters might face while attempting to accomplish their plot goal in your story idea?

6) Twist: A new plot goal usually emerges at this point because the first goal is accomplished or an unexpected event occurs which changes the focus of the main plot goal. Accident kills someone, a shocking truth revealed, key equipment or transportation breaks down, sudden change of plans announced.

7) Final confrontation.
This is a confrontation between two characters, groups or a situation that has been building up during the story Protagonist/antagonist conflicts related to plot goal.

8) Climax. Highest point of intensity and audience interest where the plot reaches a crescendo. What is the big climatic event at the end where we see whether the characters succeed or fail in accomplishing their goals?

9) Resolution. Ties up the loose ends in the story such as who lives, who dies, who gets the girl, and who lives happily ever after.






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