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Step 12: Character Traits

A character trait is anything that determines the way a character sees the world and how the character thinks, speaks, and acts.

Possible Best Traits
Possible Worst Traits
Champion ________ Intelligent Airhead Insane
Professional ________ Fake Athletic Addicted
Master ________ Aloof Activist Fearful
Top _____ Affectionate Moody Worrywart
Beatnik Middle class Dead inside Mean
Model ___ Corporate Gypsy Alcoholic
Warrior Negative Hippie Thief
Beautiful Positive Intuitive Poor
Courageous Cool Dork Annoying
Rich Well educated Perfectionist Depressed
Charming Funny Loving Hot tempered
Talented Peaceful Irresponsible Playboy
Prodigy Worldly Tough Stubborn
Survivor Burned out High strung Stressed

Pick one best trait, one worst trait and five others for each of the main characters in your story idea using the spaces below:





Love Interest:

Other Characters:


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