Other Well Known Minds Eye Media Projects


Client: Geffen/Universal Records

This was the first all digital music video created for a major record label in 1997, for the artist Young American Primitive's African Cosmopolitan CD on Geffen/Universal. The musician is bluescreened and duplicated three times with special effects filters applied. The sets were built using 3D models and 2D photo collage techniques. "Beyond" world premiered at The ResFest Cinema Electronica in 1997, played on MTV's AMP and received "The Best Music Video" award at the World Animation Celebration in Pasadena in 1998.


Maya 2 Character Animation

Client: New Riders Publishing

Minds Eye Media wrote the first big Maya 3D animation book published in 1999. The infamous Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted 3D animated short film "Bowling For Souls" is a featured case study in this book. There are now over 1500+ Maya books in print today. Maya is now considered the industry standard for professional level 3D animation and film projects.


The Sims

Client: Electronic Arts

Minds Eye Media helped create the cinematics for one of the most popular video games of all time "The Sims".


Dolby Theatre Movie Trailers

Client: Dolby

MEM did several movie trailers for Dolby over the years. The one pictured here played at Sundance in 2003 and at other screenings and events.



The Real McCoy Enhanced CD

Client: Arista Records

This groundbreaking enhanced music CD "One More Time" features an interactive 3D dance club in less than 132 megabytes. It sold over 1.5 million copies and Billboard magazine called the interactive section "awesome in the true sense of the word."


DigiEffects Demo Videos

Client: DigiEffects

Minds Eye Media creates all the demo videos for DigiEffects, who makes plug-ins for After Effects. In 1998 our Cinelook Demo Video received "The Best Of Show" award at NAB in Las Vegas. MEM also helped create the presets for the very popular Cinelook plug-in that makes video look like film.


Neuromancer Opera

Client: Berkeley Contemporary Opera

Shown here is the 3D Kuang-11 Virus created as a background set for Bill Gibson's classic cyber punk novel turned opera "Neuromancer". This leading edge project was one of the first operas to feature 3D sets projected on backgrounds in front of the singers and went on a worldwide tour in 1999.


Recent Minds Eye Media Projects

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