111 Affirmations

Our minds are very much like computers in the way they process thoughts into actions. Below is a list of some of our favorite daily affirmations. You may want to experiment with saying these types of things to yourself several times day whenever you feel that you need a mental tune up. Add, fill in the blanks or change these affirmations to fit your own dreams and desires.

1 • I easily create my dreams.
2 • I easily accomplish my goals each day and week.
3 • I am an award winning filmmaker and _________.
4 • The universe is working with me to help me manifest my dreams.
5 • I keep all my thoughts positive.
6 • I remember that everyone is telepathic and send people uplifting thoughts.
7 • I am great at making and attracting large sums of money to create my dream projects.
8 • Everyone wants to work with me on great projects.
9 • I have a wonderful sense of humor and smile often.
10 • I expect the best to happen and it does.
11 • I deserve to be very abundant to make my dream projects.
12 • I easily attract the perfect work and/or money situation into my life to fulfill my soul purpose.
13 • I release all worry and fear so that I do not attract those situations.
14 • I am safe.
15 • The universe is friendly.
16 • I am perfect and I love myself very much.
17 • I never punish myself.
18 • My wrists and body are getting stronger and better everyday.
19 • I love my life and radiate a sense of joyful living.
20 • Creating my __(dream project)__ is fun!
21 • I love meeting new people and networking.
22 • I get along great with everyone I know and meet.
23 • I am in the process of becoming a master _________.
24 • I hold a positive world view for the future of this planet and gravitate to this reality stream.
25 • My thoughts create my reality and I think thoughts that make me happy in every moment.
26 • I am very healthy and abundant in every area of my life.
27 • I take action to get what I want.
28 • I am a super powerful miracle magnet for everything that I want and need.
30 • I make every situation in my life fun.
31 • I breath in light with every breath and exhale negativity.
32 • I am always in the right place at the right time.
33 • Serenity and tranquility flow through my body keeping me healthy.
34 • I am glad to be alive. I can create any reality I want. There are no limits to what I can have.
35 • I know that the universe is always working with me and for me.
36 • I know what to do. The way is clear.
37 • I hear and pay attention to the whispers of my inner guidance.
38 • I know what to do and I do it.
39 • I create what I want by focusing on the essence of it rather than the form.
40 • I choose to have peaceful thoughts about every situation in my life.
41 • I call upon and receive angelic assistance today.
42 • I always choose the path of most light.
43 • I am guided to higher solutions. They now appear in my mind.
44 • I open to my highest good in every area of my life.
45 • My inner guidance leads me to the quickest and simplest solutions.
50 • I know what I intend to create in my life. I set my intention and open to its fulfillment.
51 • I take time to be quiet every day and know that all the guidance I need is within me.
52 • I release anything that is not for my highest good.
53 • I know I deserve to have wonderful life and that I have all I need.
54 • I am able to see clearly and make effective decisions in every area of my life.
55 • Today is a good day for me.
56 • I am patient with myself.
57 • I hold a steady vision that the best will come to me in all situations and it does.
58 • I honor my integrity in all that I do.
59 • I forgive my self, knowing that I did the best I knew how at the time.
60 • I love my body and tell it so everyday.
61 • I give myself permission to have what I want.
62 • I love to take care of my body. I have abundant energy and am radiantly healthy.
63 • I weigh (ideal weight)____ pounds.
64 • My body is getting younger, stronger and more beautiful every day.
65 • I hear and follow the messages my body gives me about what food it wants and how to maintain my perfect radiant health.
66 • Lower denser energies are leaving my body now and being replaced with higher more refined energies of light.
67 • I have great relationships with everyone in my life.
68 • I am very successful and radiate well being.
69 • Everyone likes me and wants to get to know me better.
70 • I always say the right thing.
71 • I always say things to uplift situations and focus on the positive.
72 • I hear and act upon my inner messages.
73 • I give myself permission to be.
74 • I balance activity with quiet stillness.
75 • I listen to the messages my emotions are giving me.
76 • I have a unique and special contribution to make.
77 • I respect and honor myself.
78 • I set clear boundaries.
79 • I am beautiful and getting better looking every day.
80 • I am youthing!
81 • I am talented, brilliant, creative, accomplished and innovative.
82 • I am a super creative and a wildly successful _________.
83 • I am charming and funny with a great sense of humor.
84 • I believe in my ability to create whatever I desire.
85 • I am extremely good at time management and never waste time.
86 • I attract the perfect people and situations into my life.
87 • I send everyone in my life uplifting thoughts throughout the day.
88 • I wish everyone I meet the best life has to offer.
89 • Lucrative opportunities always come my way.
90 • I am important. I came into this life with a special purpose.
91 • I never take life too seriously.
92 • I live my vision.
93 • I make a difference.
94 • Everything about me is perfect.
95 • I am extremely lucky and blessed.
96 • I have a wonderful group of friends and family.
97 • I have a wonderful supportive, nurturing environment.
98 • I make myself the authority for what is good for me.
99 • I have compassion for my self and others.
100 • I live my dreams and I have my ideal life.
101 • I am excited by the goals and dreams I have chosen.
102 • I accept and love myself for who I am right now.
103 • I stay centered around other people. I like who I am around others.
104 • Joy flows through me and radiates out to others.
105 • I am calm, balanced and in my center at all times.
106 • I ask for the highest and best to come into my life and it does.
107 • I am strong and capable. I feel good about myself.
108 • I have a unique and special contribution to make to the world.
109 • I congratulate myself often. I am kind and gentle with myself.
110 • I am good to myself. I deserve to have a wonderful life.
111 • I love working on my film and other creative projects.

If you just read the above affirmations, notice how your emotions and mindset may have shifted to a higher more positive level.

Daily Meditational Mindset Tune Up:

1) Wake up and give thanks for all of the wonderful things, people and opportunities in your life.

2) Set your intentions for the day on what you want to accomplish and in what emotion. Review daily and weekly goals in your head. See yourself accomplishing everything joyfully and effortlessly.

3) Spend one minute visualizing your perfect day a year from now. Really see it, feel it, smell it, be it – be there.

4) Read and really feel the above affirmations (or create your own set) once a day.

5) Drink lots of clean filtered or distilled water. Schedule in drinking at least 8 glasses a day.

6) Do something creative each day. Write a poem, story, work on a script or storyboard a visual idea.

7) Spend one minute visualizing a positive world view.

8) See how much you can smile each day, think positive and make everything a little more fun while radiating joy!