Developing Digital Short Films: Handy Tips

1) Great Drawing Book Deals. Borders Books And Music sells some nice inexpensive drawing books for about $5.99 to $7.99. These drawing books are 9 x 11 inches and come in red, green, purple, blue and black.

2) Avoid Typing Whenever Possible. If you are doing the writing exercises in the book, or any other project exercises from the book that require writing, you should use a pen or pencil on paper. Lots of typing can injure your wrists very fast. If you are a digital filmmaker you should take very good care of your hands, so that you can keep making films with them for a long time.

3) Answer Book Projects In Your Head. If you do not have time to do any of the projects, you may want to just answer the questions in your head as you read. If you have a very good memory, you should have a solid idea for a digital short film by the end of the book. Most people forget creative ideas fast. Write them down whenever possible.

4) Change Your Routine to help jog creative thoughts. Take a different route to the store, work, or home to see new things. Listen to a different radio station than the one you usually do or different types of music. Go to a place or event that you have never attended before, such as a cat show, haunted house tour, whale watching cruise or drum circle. The more you do new things and shake up your routine, the more fresh creative ideas will flow.

5) Start A Digital Filmmaking Group. Post ads around your town or school to find other digital filmmakers. Meet once a week to give feedback on each other's scripts, animatics and films. Members in the group can take turns helping each other with films by acting, holding the boom, being on the crew, reviewing production goals/schedules, doing what each person is best at or supporting your fellow group members when they get stuck.

6) Start A Digital Micro Cinema In Your Town. Take over a cafe or bar one night every three months and have people present their latest digital films or works in progress. This works particularly well if you already have a digital film group in place. Think of a cool name for your micro cinema and use it to promote your work.

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