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Step 8: Story Concept Brainstorming Sentences

Fill in the following chart with the Top 5 Favorite Lists you just created:

Characters Settings Subjects Genres Software
Bigfoot teenage girl, new age shaman, 16 Angelina Jolie lost underground ancient city Bigfoots Comedy 3D bigfoots
Tall blond Nordic archeologist 32, explorer, Peter Weller Prague 1992 Lost cities Animated supernatural comedy 2D photo collage sets
NYC party girl 28 hip techno, shock artist, Naomi Watts Tunnel crypts under Paris 2007 shamans Romantic myth thriller 2D lightening bolt FX
Polar bear boy 9, fat orphan, Owen Wilson Inside a cat's brain Native Americans Buddy spiritual adventure bluescreen actors
Dog headed Gothic detective, 32, Nicolas Cage Lightening bolt storm crop circles Mockumentary horror hand drawn 2D characters

Create 3 Story Concept Sentences using the above chart to fill in these spaces:

It is a story about a Top 5 Character who lives in a Top 5 Film World/Setting. This story explores the subject of Top 5 Subject in a Top 5 Story Flavor using Top 5 Software.

Be flexible with how you phrase the sentence to make it sound best. Feel free to add things not on the lists if you come up with better ideas. Your goal is to end up with at least one Favorite Story Sentence you would love to see as a film. Here are some more examples:

It is a story about a 3D teenage bigfoot girl who lives in a lost underground city. This story explores the subject of shamanism in a supernatural animated comedy using 3D bigfoots on 3D sets.

It is a story about a dog headed gothic detective living in Prague investigating a series of bigfoot sightings in an animated crime thriller comedy using bluescreen actors, 2D photo collage sets and 3D bigfoots.

It is a story about a fat polar bear orphan boy living in Alaska trying to survive global warming in an animated comedy using 3D creatures, 3D sets and some DV sets.

Pick your favorite Story Sentence to develop for the rest of this Writing A Great Script Fast Nutshell Sample Workshop. Make sure it is a story idea you would stand in line in the rain on a dark cold night to see!

Coming up next we will be adding plot goals and an antagonist to this one favorite story sentence idea..


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