Writing A Great Script Fast In A Nutshell

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Step 2.2 -Three Act Structure Story Basics



Step 2.1: Story Goal Questions To Consider

1) Do you want to write a script, make a film and/or write a novel using this step-by-step story engine process?


2) If you want to write a script or make a film do you want to do a short, feature or series?

3) What is you goal in finishing this story project? To get a job, to win an award, to make money or raise awareness about an issue?


4) If you are planning on making the film yourself which digital filmmaking tools are you planning to use DV, 2D, 3D or combinations?


Step 2.2: Basic Three Act Story Structure Sentence

It is a story about a protagonist (lead character) who wants something (plot goal) that forces him/her to take action. He/she meets with an escalating array of conflicts (obstacles) leading to a climax and resolution.

Protagonist: Lead character and focus of the plot. Usually the first character you see. Viewer teddy bear - get your audience attached to this character and worried about their well being.

Antagonist: Character or thing standing in the way of the protagonist accomplishing his or her goals. Make the audience very afraid of this thing or character.

Any quick ideas for a great lead protagonist or antagonist placed into the above story sentence? Fill in the sentence blanks with a story you make up off the top of your head to practice three act structure ideas.


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