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Step 19: Adding Humor

How many funny moments or gags can you add to your film idea?

Write down any funny moments next to the humor brainstorming ideas below:

• Dress character in funny outfit with silly hairstyle then have him or her walk really funny or in an exaggerated way – draw a sketch if you can:

• Show character using normal thing in funny way - a microwave reinvented as a time machine, a toaster that has been modified to be a satellite.



• Create one character who is just so funny in some way every time this character does or says anything we laugh, - speaks with funny accent, really forgetful or emotionally over reacts in funny.



• Have character use funny mode of transportation - old beat up car with funny bumper stickers, art car, hotdog shop commercial car, flames on tiny motorcycle that is not working too well, old limping beat up ugly horse that bolts and flips out, rocket made out garage parts, straddling a rocket in mid air - anything that looks ridiculous, far fetched, embarrassing or impossible to do.



• Have character do some gross, rude, embarrassing or loud scene activity while dealing with others - eating sunflower seeds and spitting the seeds out around the room loudly during important meeting.



• Have character do something obviously stupid - crawls into empty cage to look for lost animal - cage is obviously empty.



• Give character funny original occupation or combination occupation - pet detective, kid FBI agent, boy genius inventor, superhero office worker.



• Give character funny flaw - Dori in Finding Nemo has short term memory problems, a bumbling detective.










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